Mark Weschenfelder - Saxophone

Noah Punkt - Double Bass

Florian Lauer - Drums

A SENSOR is an object whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment. It sends the information, converts and emits them to the outside. At the same time a SENSOR is part of a greater whole – without it the SENSORs existence would be reduced to absurdity. In that case the system consists of Mark Weschenfelder on Alto Saxophone, Noah Punkt on Double Bass and Florian Lauer on Drums. They got their SENSORs focussed and play originals where vigilance is badly needed. Anything can happen at any time! These three spin their musical web in a highly complex and communicative conglomerate of composition and improvisation: Impulses bursting, Signals deserting. According to the motto: Nothing is as constant as change. (Heraklit)